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Pounds to ounces

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Pounds to ounces metric conversion table.

Pound [lbs]Ounce [oz]
0.01 lbs0.16 oz
0.1 lbs1.6 oz
1 lbs16 oz
2 lbs32 oz
3 lbs48 oz
5 lbs80 oz
10 lbs160 oz
20 lbs320 oz
50 lbs800 oz
100 lbs1600 oz
1000 lbs16000 oz

How to Convert Pound to Ounce?

For converting lbs to oz we go with an example.

Convert 10 pound to oz?
We know 1 lb = 16 oz; 1 oz= 0.0625 lbs.
10 lb = __oz
10x16 = 160oz (We know 1lb=16oz)

10 lbs = 160 oz

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