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Liters to gallons

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Liter to Gallon (US) Metric Conversion Table.

Liter [L, L]Gallon (US) [gal (US)]
0.01 L, l0.0026417205 gal (US)
0.1 L, l0.0264172052 gal (US)
1 L, l0.2641720524 gal (US)
2 L, l0.5283441047 gal (US)
3 L, l0.7925161571 gal (US)
5 L, l1.3208602618 gal (US)
10 L, l2.6417205236 gal (US)
20 L, l5.2834410472 gal (US)
50 L, l13.2086026179 gal (US)
100 L, l26.4172052358 gal (US)
1000 L, l264.1720523581 gal (US)

How to convert liters to gallons?

For converting l to gal we go with an example.

Convert 10 l to gallons?
We know 1 l = 0.2641720524 gal;1 US gal = 3.785411784 L.
10 L = __ gal ?
10x0.2641720524 = 2.6417205236 gal (We know 1L = 0.2641720524 gal)
10 L = 2.6417205236 gal

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