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FV Calculator :

Future value (FV) calculator estimates the future worth of your investment. Our FV calculator computes the future value of your investment based on the rate of interest on the principal amount, time period.

To understand the future value concept we will go with an example. If you have $250 in your savings account and the annual interest rate on it is 5% then after 1 year your principal amount will be $262.50. The interest is compounded monthly or yearly the value of money increased as the period of time increased. So here we come to know that the time value of money.

To calculate future value formula :

FV = PV (1 + r) ^n

Where PV = Present value; r = rate of interest; n = number of period.

Time Value of Money :

Here in this concept, we come to know that with respect to the time the value of money will be incrested.

How to calculate future value?

To calculate the future value you need to know the present value, rate of interest, time period. We know the formula for future value.

Future Value formula :

FV = PV (1 + r) ^n

Just simply enter the values in it and it calculates future payment value. The amount that we received in the future more than today's worth due to the interest rate of return compound to principal amount cash flow every time.

How to use future value calculator?

To use this application you need to follow the instructions below.


Open Future Value Calculator.


Enter the values present value, rate of interest, and a number of years.


Click on calculate to get future value.