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Calories (cal):

A calorie is measuring unit of energy. The energy that increases the temperature of one gram of water by degree Celsius at one atmospheric pressure. It is denoted as "cal" and one cal is equal to 4.184 J.

Joules (J):

The Joule is a measuring unit of energy and denoted as "J". It is an international standard derived unit. The amount of energy used on an object when one-newton force is applied to it for one-meter distance is called one joule. One joule is equal to 0.2390057361 cal.

How many joules in a calorie? Or How to convert calories to joules?

Calorie to Joule Metric Conversion Table.

Calorie (th) [cal (th)]Joule [J]
0.01 cal (th)0.04184 J
0.1 cal (th)0.4184 J
1 cal (th)4.184 J
2 cal (th)8.368 J
3 cal (th)12.552 J
5 cal (th)20.92 J
10 cal (th)41.84 J
20 cal (th)83.68 J
50 cal (th)209.2 J
100 cal (th)418.4 J
1000 cal (th)4184 J

How many joules in a calorie? or How to convert calories to joules?

For calorie to joule conversion, we go with an example.

Convert 1 calorie to joules?
We know 1 cal = 4.184 J; 1 j = 0.2390057361 cal.
1 cal = __ j.
1 x 4.184 = 4.184 j (We know 1 cal = 4.184 j)

1 cal = 4.184 j.

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